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Learn how David transformed Robroy Industries into a company with :
•Remarkable seven record years of profitability during the past thirteen years.
•Eleven consecutive years with profitability exceeding 20% of revenue.
•More than $300 million added to the equity of the business since going private in 2001.

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Free 30 minute consultation for any executive to discuss one current manufacturing challenge you are facing.

My Goal: To help organizations get their act together
before they lose everything.

Examples of a challenge that needs to be resolved quickly :

-What happens if the quality of my products has decline radically this month?
-Is this action enough to fire this employee?
-How should I track more machine data to help improve production?
-When do I know we need a consultant?
-What impact will a cleaner facility have on my bottom line?

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Things You Need To Consider

I have learned, that no matter how much has changed in decades, many fundamentals have stayed the same. I developed a management philosophy that I expected all company associates to follow, including the executives, and even myself. I call these the Four Non-Negotiables.
- David A. Marshall

The Four Non-Negotiable's


“So if you want everyone in your company to practice safety, you need to train everyone in your company. If you invest in giving all of your associates the same training and education on safety, extending it beyond management and first line supervision, it makes your associates capable of managing their own safety. In this way, it becomes a non-negotiable throughout the whole organization.”


“Safety is everyone’s responsibility, which means Housekeeping is also everyone’s responsibility, in a manufacturing setting as well as an office setting. Nobody is excluded.”

Productivity/ Quality

“It’s more than just whether a person can get their work done, or whether they have too many distractions, meetings, or problems with their workspace. It’s the measurable, quantifiable results of their efforts and results. It’s the measurable quantifiable results of your processes, equipment, and even your policies.”

Check Your Ego At The Door

“All associates who are intellectually and emotionally engaged in a performance-driven organization, and who manage their own performance, will very quickly isolate individuals who do not or will not participate.”

Fancy line graph on world map. Increased productivity doesn't always mean working faster, it means solving problems upstream.

Improving Culture = Increase Productivity

A large organization, I was involved with, had eleven consecutive years with profitability exceeding 20% of revenue each year.

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manufacturing plant

Need to Upgrade Your Manufacturing Facility?

I oversaw the building of new ultramodern 130,000 square foot manufacturing facility…

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plant machine fabrication

Effective Safety Programs:

Too many times, associates don’t heed safety warnings. They think it doesn’t apply to them…

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