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David A. Marshall

Senior Manufacturing Executive with Corporate Culture Development and Operational Excellence


My team members over the years know me best through my use of euphemisms. Below, are two that I have used to overcome many challenges.

Be uncommon!

Being “uncommon” is the backbone of a strong corporate culture. Being uncommon means performing larger than you actually are. Accept that quality, safety, integrity, teamwork, lack of ego, and working smart are all non-negotiable. Only then, can you compete against your competitors and win because your company is, in fact, uncommon.

“From the day I met David 20 years ago, his unrelenting theme was to be “uncommon.” It was a message I could sign up for— as a young professional with an inward drive to make a difference. David has never wandered from this theme. He created a culture allowing those who desired to become part of a winning team to excel. This manifested into the creation of very successful businesses,” stated an executive team member.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

Operational excellence should drive everything you do—day in and day out. Operations must develop efficient workflows— utilize every resource including software programs and strive for continuous improvements. Operations must work in parallel for the common good. Much of my success during the past two decades is based on knowledge of numbers. By using numbers, my team was able to maximize itself during good times and protect itself, while still making gains during challenging times.

“During my initial interview with David, I met women in management roles, plus various other folks from many different cultures in leadership positions. I said then and believe today that a big part of David’s importance to all of us is that he doesn’t care what you look like, only that you perform and meet the vision of the organization.” — my former general manager of manufacturing operations.


CEO at Self-employed

  • May 2016 – Present (7 months)

President and COO of Robroy Industries and Board Member at Robroy Industries

  • January 1995 – April 2016 (21 years 4 months)
  • Oversaw the manufacturing organization of synergistic member companies committed to product and service leadership within the electrical products and oilfield markets.

Robroy Industries Electrical Products Companies

  • Robroy Industries – Texas, LLC: Plasti-Bond, Perma-Cote, KorKap PVC-coated conduit —- located in Gilmer, Texas
  • Robroy Industries – Texas, LLC: ECN/KORNS galvanized couplings, clamps and nipples —- located in Avinger, Texas
  • Robroy Enclosures, Inc.: Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures — located in Belding, Michigan

Robroy Industries Oilfield Products Companies

  • Duoline Technologies, LLC: Duoline® tubular linings for corrosion prevention — located in Gilmer, Texas

The corporate headquarters for Robroy Industries is located in Verona, Pennsylvania.

Executive VP of Sales and Marketing at The Genlyte Group

  • January 1990 – January 1995 (5 years 1 month)
  • The Genlyte Group was a company that manufactured and sold lighting fixtures and controls. Products designed by the Genlyte Group include indoor and outdoor fixtures for the commercial, residential, theater, and industrial markets. Genlyte was bought out by Royal Philips Lighting Royal on January 18, 2008.

Sales Manager and General Manager at Lightolier

  • January 1978 – January 1990 (12 years 1 month)
  • Canadian manufacturer and supplier of quality lighting fixtures and services.

Skills & Expertise

  • Negotiation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Customer Service
  • Budgets – Research
  • Energy
  • Oil/Gas-Onshore –  Offshore Drilling
  • Project Planning – Project Management
  • Board Member
  • Marketing-Sales – Sales Management
  • New Business Development – Recruiting
  • Management -Change Management-  Supply Chain Management
  • Manufacturing – Lean Manufacturing – Engineering
  • Petroleum-Electrical Industry – Oil & Gas
  • Business Development – Education

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